Passion for Pork

Your Gastropost Mission: Bacon

Sharman - Thursday, November 28, 2013
Irving Farms bacon baked with brown sugar & cracked pepper

New to the social media scene in Alberta, and becoming an instant hit with food-lovers throughout the province, is Gastropost. Each week Gastropost introduces a new food mission for food lovers; participants are encouraged to eat it, make it, enjoy it, and then post the picture to twitter and instagram. A lucky few with inspiring and appetizing photos will have their picture shared in the Edmonton Journal and Calgary Herald the following week.

This week the mission is BACON!

I was interviewed by Brittney, one of the foodies involved with Gastropost YEG, back at Christmas in November at the Jasper Park Lodge about my love of all things bacon. I had just finished moderating an Alberta Pork session with Chef Eric Hanson, and the room smelled was filled with a sweet purfume of his Maple Bacon Jam and Candied Bacon. Bacon is one of my favourite foods; it is a comfort classic that tastes great on its own, and has the potential to make vegetables, other meats, and fish taste even better.

Bacon is magical meat that you can eat and enjoy at every meal of the day: bacon and eggs for breakfast, a BLT for lunch, and bacon wrapped fillet mignon for dinner. It can be enjoyed sweet (I love to bake my Irving Farms bacon with brown sugar) or dipped in maple syrup alongside French Toast, or savoury wrapped around bundles of asparagus or in spaghetti carbonara sauce.

So for the rest of the week – introduce bacon into your day in ways you normally wouldn’t. Snap a pic and tweet your photo to #gastropostYEG or #gastropostYYC or visit learn more about completing this week’s mission.

Check out this link for a $3 off coupon for Western Family Classics bacon at Save-On Foods available until end of day Nov 28, 2013.