Passion for Pork

YEG Swine and Dine Dish #3 – Chef Cory Welsch @ Moriarty’s Bistro & Wine Bar

Sharman - Monday, July 30, 2012

Finally its here… the last installment for the first Swine and Dine in down town Edmonton!

After being treated to a Southern-style portion of fried pork shoulder and waffles at Hundred Bar & Kitchen, our server let us use the side door as we scampered across Rice Howard Wayover to Moriarty’s Bistro & Wine Bar to see what Chef Cory Welsch had in store for dessert!

Chef Welsch applies the last touches to his Bacon S'More

When we arrived we were treated to the extended bar table set beautifully to accommodate our entire group. Our lovely server explained that a glass of dessert wine awaited each guest. I went down to the end of the table where a lovely swine skull awaited me with some flowers in his mouth. I had the pleasure of seeing our appropriate decoration being smoked on the patio a few weeks prior).

I snuck into the back to get the lowdown on what Chef Welsch had in store for us. Excited by the prospect of a pork-themed dessert, Chef Welsch had created a special s’more for the occasion.

Handmade bacon-infused marshmallows were partnered with banana bread, rolled in chocolate, and then dipped in chunks of bacon bits and peanuts.

Rich and heavenly, decadent and delicious, Chef Welsch piled up two portions per plate, and shared how he created this sweet bacon treat with all of us along the table.

(Of course he made me a gluten free double marshmallow version without the banana bread, and accommodated a nut-free girl as well).

Feedback was of course outstanding, and Chef Welsch’s bacon inspired s’mores were the perfect way to end a delicious trio of pork dishes.


Me and Chef Welsh (and the swine skull)

A huge thanks to Chef Cory Welsch at Moriarty’s Bistro and Wine Bar, Chef Andrew Cowan at Hundred Bar & Kitchen, and Chef Doreen Prei from Zinc Restaurant for a very tasty, very successful Swine and Dine.


We will most certainly be doing this again, stay tuned to see what tasty thingsEdmonton’s chefs are able to create with my favourite meat – pork!