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WildTale Pork Chops

Cassandra Anderton - Monday, February 20, 2017

Vancouver Chef Andrew Smith Recipe for WildTale Pork Chops

One of the restaurants in Vancouver that does both meat and seafood well, is Yaletown’s WildTale. They source locally, the service is superb and they’ve got some amazing pork chops. Head in for happy hour and stay for dinner. We just couldn’t resist asking for their pork recipe as there is even bacon in the jus! Here is WildTale’s pork chop recipe along with some mashed spuds and Brussels sprouts too. Don’t forget to support your local pork farmers and BUY LOCAL!

  Pork Chop For 4
Ingredients: Pork Chop (double bone cut) 4 pc
  Salt and pepper seasoned to taste
Procedure: Pan sear or Grill Pork to 130 degrees, medium. May need to finish
in the oven.
Ingredients: Bourbon Jus:
  Diced Bacon 50 ml
  Minced White Onion 50 ml
Bourbon 1 fl oz
Red Wine 2 fl oz
Veal Stock 500 ml
Cream 50 ml
Grainy Mustard 1 tbs
Butter 1 tbs
Maple Syrup 1 tsp
Salt and Pepper to taste
Procedure: 1. Cook bacon untill crispy and add onion
2. Add bourbon, reduce then wine and reduce
3. Add veal stock and reduce by 60 percent
4. Add cream and melt butter on low heat
  5. Add grainy mustard, maple syrup then season to taste
Ingredients: Chevre Mashed Potato:
  Yukon Gold Peeled Potato 6 large potato
  2% Milk 200 ml
Butter .25 pound
Salt and Pepper to taste
Goats Cheese 3 tbs
Procedure: 1. Cook potato until soft, start with cold water
2. Add heated milk and butter to the mixture and mash the potato
3. Fold chevre into the mashed potato, season to taste
Ingredients: Brussels Sprouts:
  Brussels Sprouts 500 ml
  Lemon Juice 1 tsp
Parmesan Cheese 1 tbs
Chili Flake to taste
Caper 1 tbs
Salt and Peper to taste
Procedure: 1. Cut brussels sprouts in half
2. Roast on high heat or deep fry quickly untill just turning brown
3. Toss with cheese, chili flake, capers and lemon juice
4. Season to taste