Passion for Pork


Admin - Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Alberta Pork, sponsor of the Passion for Pork media campaign, and the top locally owned restaurants in B.C. and Alberta will be working together to develop and promote “Passion for Pork Restaurant Week – Supporting Local.”

Restaurant Week is designed to be something special for pork lovers and diners by treating them to pork dishes and tastes many haven’t experienced before. It’s also an opportunity to support locally owned restaurants and enjoy locally produced pork at the same time.

Alberta and B.C. produce some of the best pork in the world which is primarily enjoyed by consumers in Asia who have refined palates and distinguishing tastes when it comes to pork.  A very high percentage of local pork is barley and grain fed, which increases taste and the nutritional benefits of our pork.

Currently, there’s a flood of foreign pork coming into Canada from the United States, Chile, Denmark and Ireland. Our high Canadian dollar and relatively strong economy are appealing to countries looking to dump their cheap imported pork products. Part of Restaurant Week is intended to showcase restaurants and food establishments who support our local pork industry.

“Passion for Pork Restaurant Week – Supporting Local” is being organized in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Whistler for late summer and early fall 2012. Diners will experience pork at its very best because we’ve been very careful to select the very best restaurants and chefs to work with. There will be a broad variety of restaurants and culinary experiences for diners ranging from Asian, BBQ houses, French, Mediterranean, food trucks, to West Coast cuisine. During Restaurant Week, participating restaurants will be serving up their own pork creations made from local pork produced in Alberta and BC.  

During Restaurant Week, participating restaurants will create pork dishes not normally offered on their menu. These will range from appetizers, entrees and even desserts. So expect some incredible culinary dishes to appear during this week as chefs show their true passion for pork.  

Passion for Pork Restaurant Week – Supporting Local’ is being held in:

  • ttWhistler, B.C.:  August 27 – September 3, 2012
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  • ttEdmonton & Vancouver:  September 10-17, 2012
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  • ttCalgary in October 2012 (dates to be announced).

The Passion for Pork website will soon announce participating restaurants and list each restaurant’s pork menu during Restaurant Week. If you want to be the first to find out, email  and we’ll keep you informed. Also, watch for  promotions for ‘Passion for Pork Restaurant Week – Supporting Local’ as we will be giving away a number of dinners for two.