Passion for Pork

Tres Carnales

Sharman - Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Trio of Pork Tacos


Tres Carnales is helping people in Edmonton know what real street food in Mexico taste should taste like, one pork taco at a time.

Open less than a year, the tacos and street meat has helped Tres Carnales become one of Edmonton’s most talked about restaurants. Thanks to the Dani, Chris and Edgar, (the 3 homeboys or carnales in Mexican slang ) we don’t have to fly toMexico to get some authentic street tacos.

Proving that Albertans are not just about the beef, the restaurant serves up more pork than any other protein. The guys love to serve pork; Chris believes it is an underappreciated meat and is eager to promote Alberta Pork. Thankfully the guys have created a menu that features three unique pork tacos; they let me in early one day to see how they make each of their pork tacos.

El Pastor

Dani told me that El Pastor is the best selling taco in Mexico. The marinated pork piled on a vertical spit looks similar to what you might see in a donair shop (but it’s far more attractive). Brought to the region by Lebanese immigrants, the pork is marinated with achiote paste for eight hours and shaped into a cone.

In traditional style, the pork is served on two tacos (giving extra value and support to the taco). While my travels around South America involved plenty of meat treats, I had never experienced something like the El Pastor tacos served up at Tres Carnales.


El Pastor - marinated pork searing on a vertical spit


Carnitas which literally means ‘little meats’ is traditionally done in enormous copper pots in Mexico. Tres Carnales serves up a version of slow roasted pork shoulder that is cooked for over seven hours until tender. Topped with fresh cilantro and lime – it is some of the most flavourful pulled pork I’ve ever had. I was literally licking the sauce up my wrist.


Different than the European style served in Europe (of the kind I bought on the streets in Argentina), Edgar makes his own version of chorizo that is full of flavour and not too spicy. Served without the typical sausage casing, the ground pork takes on a flavor and texture that is uniquely Tres Carnales.

Tacos, Quesadillas and Tortas

Tres Carnales offers up three options for wrapping your pork. Four tacos for $10 (4-inch soft corn tortilla) three quesadillas for $11.675 ½ corn tortilla), or the torta -Portuguese crusty bun for $12.62.


Proud supporters of Sturgeon Valley Pork– the guys at Tres Carnales are proving that their taco-loving patrons have a passion for Alberta pork.


Tres Carnales

10119 100A Street
Edmoton Alberta

Monday – Friday 11am – 10 pm
Saturday 4 – 10 pm

Twitter – @trescarnales

the Tres Carnales - Dani, Chris and Edgar