Pork At Its Best: Victor Churchill Butcher Shop

Warning: Looking at these photos might make you slightly depressed the next time you approach the meat counter in your local grocery store. Victor Churchill is located in Paddington area of Sydney. After seeing Anthony Bourdain touring the place on a recent episode of No Reservations, I knew I had to go check it out for myself.

Owned by Vic’s Meats, an Australian meat supplier known for it’s high quality products. Vic’s provides premium cuts to most of the country’s top restaurants. The decor of the butcher shop is breathtaking. Easily the most beautiful butcher shop I’ve ever seen and, most likely, the nicest in the world. The brown and gold interior with large glass coolers filled with as many cuts of meats and charcuterie that one could crave.

Take a peak!

Cuts of pork from Kurajuta, a farm a couple of hours or so outside of Brisbane.

Butchers are put on full display here, visible through floor-to-ceiling glass panels while they cut away on vintage chopping blocks. Very cool to watch!

Housemade Spanish Chorizo is just one of the many charcuterie options you can find here.

A beautiful looking Ham and Parsley Terrine!

One of Churchill’s butcher, Benjamin Sisto, cutting some of Victor Churchill’s award winning ham on a reclaimed vintage meat slicer. Popular during the holidays, no doubt!

Last, but not least, some gorgeous Jamon Iberico. Similar to prosciutto, this cured ham is richer and even more melt-in-your-mouth. At about $500 per KG, it’s the most expensive slice in the shop!

Now, have we got you craving pork? Why not check out our great recipe section for a tasty meal tonight!