Four Ingredients That Pair Well With Pork

A simple pork roast or tenderloin can be beautiful enough, all on its own, but just like people, meat can always use a compliment or two. Like the dish above, there are a ton of great ways you can fancy up a pork-centric dinner in your own home!

Here are 5 ingredients that can help pork become the centre of attention on a dinner plate.

1. Apples

The sweetness of apples is a great balance to a roasted pork chop. Apple sauce is easy to dollop on, but try thinly slicing a couple apples and sauté them in some butter and salt and pepper until soft. Serve warm on top of pork chops.

2. Red Wine

As lovely as it is to sip on a glass of red wine with a tender pork roast, you can use it in the cooking process too! If you’re popping a roast into your oven or slow cooker for a long while, add a couple cups of red wine to the braising liquid for a nice, rich flavour.

3. Swiss Chard

These vibrant greens add colour and intensity to any plate. Thinly slice and blanch in salted, boiling water under tender. Great served with stew or slow-cooked pork back ribs.

4. Oranges

Their juice makes a nice addition to marinades. Right before serving a pork tenderloin, slice and sprinkle with sea salt and finely grated orange zest for a bright flavour combination!