Swine and Dine Takeaway Pork Packs at RGE RD

Many locally owned and operated restaurants are proving resourceful and finding innovative ways to cater to their customers during the physical distancing restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic. RGE RD, as well as The Butchery at RGE RD, is stepping up to offer RGE RD at home with curbside pick up of everything from a la carte dishes, sausages, empanadas and meat pies, to butchery cuts.

RGE RD Owners Caitlin Fulton and chef and Blair Lebsack consistently share their passion for Alberta Pork with their customers, so when we offered up some Alberta Pork recipe books for a special RGE RD Swine and Dine takeaway order, the answer was a quick “yes!”


Butchery day has resulted in Swine & Dine inspired RGE RD Pork Packs. These take-away packs are $100 (plus GST) for approximately 3.5 kg of Nature’s Green Acres Alberta pork including:

4 pork chops
2 Coppa steaks
8 sausages
1 shoulder roast
1 smoked pork belly

Each RGE RD Pork Pack includes a cookbook from Alberta Pork. Supplies are limited, so call RGE RD at 780-447-4577 to reserve Swine & Dine inspired Pork Pack.

During COVID-19, the Alberta pork sector continues to operate; however, the situation can change quickly. Alberta Pork is working to help Alberta’s registered pork producers wherever possible, and we are grateful to see so many local chefs, restaurants (like RGE RD), butchers and delis finding away to continue to sell and promote Alberta Pork.