Sunday Brunch at Sabor Divino in Edmonton

Brunch is my favourite meal, so when Sabor Divino announced they would start serving Sunday brunch I couldn’t wait to visit.

Most people associate seafood with this Portuguese-inspired restaurant, but I knew that Chef Lino would be serving up some delicious pork treats with his innovative brunch menu. For $32 diners are treated to a choice of entrees for a main dish as well as a buffet packed with pastries, cured meats, cheese, seafood, and desserts.

My friends tried the Francesinha, pictured above, which Chef Lino tells me means Little Frenchie or simply Frenchie in Portugese. The dish is very popular in Portugal; it is said the Francesinha was invented in the 1960s. Daniel da Silva, a returned emigrant from France and Belgium, tried to adapt the croquet-monsieur to Portuguese taste. Chef Lino’s version is made up of oven roasted beef tenderloin, back bacon, pork sausage, layered with pagnotta bread, and Gruyère cheese.

Of course I gravitated to the Pork Skillet comprised of pork tenderloin, pork belly, chorizo, potatoes and two poached eggs.

Brunch at Sabor Divino is sure to satisfy Edmonton’s Sunday brunch crowd. Reserve online or call directly at 780 757-1114.

Sabor Divino
10220-103 St

Chef Lino of Sabor Divino