Porkapalooza Profile: Smokehouse BBQ & Stuffed Gourmet Sausage Company

The third annual Porkapalooza Edmonton BBQ festival is June 17-19, 2016 at Clarke Stadium, and Terry and Sherry Sept, owners of Smokehouse BBQ restaurant and food trucks, are going to be very busy.

Smokehouse BBQ

In addition to having three food trucks at the weekend event, Terry plans on competing in the annual BBQ competition – a Kansas City BBQ Society competition sanctioned event. With $16,500 in cash prizes and awards up for grabs – we can understand why.

Smokehouse BBQ has been a fan favourite among patrons over the past two Porkapalooza weekend events and on Edmonton’s food truck scene – the aroma of smoked meet is hard to ignore. This year there with two Smokehouse BBQ trucks serving a number of southern-inspired dishes including rib tips and beef brisket. (Look out for a pig skin/crackling treat as well).

New to the Smokehouse BBQ family and making an inaugural appearance at Porkapalooza is the Stuffed Gourmet Sausage Company.

Stuffed Gourmet Sausage Company

I checked out the new Stuffed Gourmet Sausage Company restaurant located next to Smokehouse BBQ on 124th street where I learned the secret to this speedy meat treat.

Stuffed Gourmet Sausage Company
Marc chose a jalapeño cheddar sausage with stuffed sausage sauce with extra hot sauce on the side.

Fresh torpedo-shaped buns are toasted from the inside, leaving space for one of 20 custom-made varieties of sausages, such as pork & apple, andouille, or Texas hot, and up to four tailor-made sauces, such as apple butter beer BBQ, chipotle mayo, or screaming hot sauce.Stuffed Gourmet Sausage Company

At the restaurant you can order to sit  and eat, or for take away; sauces, rubs, and even the packages of sausages are available for take away. IMG_5905

If you don’t love waiting in line for food, the Stuffed Gourmet Sausage Company food truck may be your best choice at Porkapalooza; Terry tells me they can serve 3-4 stuffed sausages per minute. Paired with a pack of hand cut jalapeño salt, all dressed, or salt & pepper hand cut chips and you can get back to exploring and enjoying the rest of Porkapalooza 2016.

Stuffed Gourmet Sausage Company

The biggest challenge – deciding which combination of sausage & sauce to try first.