5th Day of Christmas: 5 Stawnichy`s Ukrainian Sausage Rings

Forget 5 golden rings. Any good Ukrainian girl, like me, would prefer 5 garlic rings any day!

I grew up eating Ukrainian sausage, better known as tube candy, by the fistful. Whether it was solo, stacked on a cracker with cheese, or BBQ`d over the campfire, garlic sausage is one of my absolute comfort foods.

Stawnichy`s Meat Processing has been serving up some classic garlic sausage since Mr. Woytko Stawnichy opened a small grocery store-confectionery in Mundare, Alberta with just one small sausage smoker.

While the drive to Mundare for a photo of with the giant sausage is must, during this weather I think it is smarter bet to head east to the Mundare Sausage House at 4824-118 ave. I walked across the street to Safeway in Oliver for this shot, but I prefer to head to the Mundare Sausage House (which is conveniently located to Uncle Eds – which serves up this sausage as well as some killer perogies).