Passion for Pork

Hart’s Table Delights Everyone’s (pork) Belly!

Admin - Thursday, October 9, 2014

Chef Andrew Cowan was involved with the first Swine & Dine event in July 2012 when a pork crawl in downtown Edmonton included a stop at Cowan’s old haunt, the Hundred Bar & Kitchen. Cowan recently moved to the Century Group’s latest offering, Hart’s Table and Bar, where he was pleased to offer the latest Swine & Dine event Oct. 28. A five-course pork-centric meal for $40 allowed the chef to indulge his porcine-lovin’ ways and he did NOT disappoint! 

Our next S & D event flies back south to Calgary where Avec is pleased to tempt the porky palates in late November. Stay tuned for more info!