Passion for Pork

Side Pork Salad with Blue Cheese Lemon Vinaigrette

Sharman - Tuesday, August 5, 2014

IMG_3268Inspired by this week’s Gastropost YEG mission I decided to make a ‘Big Salad’ for dinner featuring fresh Alberta side pork with vinaigrette made from cold-pressed Alberta canola oil.

Most people skip side pork at the grocery store, not sure what to do with it, but I grew up with my parents sautéing salted side pork (think bacon but before it’s been cured and smoked) and stewed tomatoes and I absolutely love it. Side pork is a delicious cut of meat that is simple to cook and seasons wonderfully; don’t be afraid of the fat as it makes this economical cut of meat crisp up beautifully.

Staring fresh rosemary I have growing on the balcony, this citrus-savoury salad is a simple meal perfect for a summer evening.

Side Pork Salad with Blue Cheese Lemon Vinaigrette

6 pieces fresh side pork, sliced into bite-side pieces
1 cup sliced mushrooms
1 tsp fresh minced rosemary
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 cup grape tomatoes, sliced
1/2 avocado, chopped
4 cups mixed salad greens
1/4 cup blue cheese, crumbled

lemon vinaigrette
1 tsp finely grated lemon zest
2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
1 Tbsp canola oil (regular or cold pressed)
1/2 tsp Dijon mustard

Bring a large cast-iron frying pan to medium heat on a stovetop. Season the side pork with salt and pepper. Add pork to pan and top with rosemary and mushrooms. Sauté, turning often until pork is brown and mushrooms are soft. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

In a large bowl, whisk vinaigrette ingredients. Distribute greens, avocado, tomatoes, and blue cheese among two plates. Top with vinaigrette and side pork; enjoy!