Memphis Blues Pulled Pork (Video)

Chefs George Siu & Park Heffelfinger
Memphis Blues, Vancouver
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Memphis Blues All-Purpose Dry Rub
1 pork shoulder with the fat cap left on (approx. 2 kg)
1 dozen white buns
All-Purpose BBQ Sauce


Prepare smoker box by soaking wood chips in water for 20 minutes. Drain water and place chips in the smoker box. Place smoker box under left or right side of barbeque grill; turn on medium-high heat (300-325°F/150-162°C) only on the side where smoker box is placed.
Apply All-Purpose Dry Rub on pork shoulder until well covered. Cook on unheated side of grill, with smoker box placed on heated side (refill 4 times during cooking). Keep temperature constant at 275-300°F (135-150°C). Cook for approximately 6-8 hours. Meat will pull apart easily with forks when done. Add the drippings to the pork as you are pulling it apart, using latex gloves (it will be very hot).
Slice a plain white bun, add coleslaw to the bottom of the bun, then top with about 6 oz (170 g) of pulled pork, and a small ladle of warmed up All-Purpose BBQ Sauce.

Yield: 12