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Bacon Hummus, Smoked Oyster & Honey Toasted Pecan

Bacon Hummus, Smoked Oyster & Honey Toasted Pecan


Bacon Hummus
  • 8 slices bacon
  • 1 can (19 fl oz/540 mL) chickpeas
  • 5 Tbsp (75 mL) lemon juice
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • ? cup (85 mL) tahini paste
  • 3 Tbsp (45 mL) bacon drippings
  • 3 Tbsp (45 mL) extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt to taste
  • 8 mint leaves
  • 8 pecan halves
  • ¼ cup (60 mL) honey
  • 1 small tin (2.5 oz) of Fanny Bay smoked oysters


Bacon Hummus

Cook the bacon in a skillet until crispy. Reserve bacon drippings.

In a food processor, blend chickpeas, garlic, tahini paste, bacon drippings, lemon juice and olive oil. If it is too thick, add water until desired consistency is reach.

Add bacon last and pulse until blended. Salt to taste.


Deep fry mint leaves in a small pot of oil at 325°F for 30-60 seconds until they have changed to a dark green colour, then drain onto paper towels.

Toast the pecan halves over medium heat in a non-stick pan for several minutes until they smell nutty and fragrant. Keep them moving in the pan to prevent burning. Remove the pan from the heat and add the honey, stirring to coat the nuts evenly. Allow the pecans to cool.

Lay out 8 large spoons on a serving plate.

Using two small teaspoons, form a small scoop of bacon hummus into a rough quenelle shape before transferring the bacon hummus to one of the large spoons. Repeat for the rest of the large spoons.

Place a toasted honey pecan half at the top of each scoop of bacon hummus, and a piece of smoked oyster on the bottom half. Place a fried mint leave between each the smoked oyster and pecan half.

Yield: 8


The pecans and fried mint leaves can be prepared ahead of time and stored in an airtight container for several days.

Bacon hummus is best made the day before so flavours have time to set. Forming the bacon hummus into a rough quenelle shape before placing them on the serving spoons makes for a nicer presentation and a more even layer of bacon hummus before adding the pecan, smoked oyster and mint leaf.

The amuse-bouche can be assembled ahead of time and kept in the fridge for several hours until ready to serve.


Approximately 8 Servings

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