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Recipe: Fairmont JPL’s Pork Shawarma

Sharman - Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Did your BBQ come with a rotisserie attachment? If so – it is time to bust it out and make some pork shawarma.

Back in March when I was at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge PJ Party the culinary team took advantage of the patio to cook up some pork shawarma. You could smell it long before you could see it; by the time I saw that pile of marinated pork rotating on a spit I had the Homer Simpson side drool happening. 

Chef Andrew Whiteside graciously shared the recipe with me (instant view of the mountains not included). 

Pork Shawarma

1 Boneless Pork Shoulder about 4 KG (sliced thinly with a knife ¼ slices”)
1 part Smoked paprika
1 part Garlic powder
1 part Onion powder
1 part Oregano
1 part Coriander ground
Zest of 6 lemons
½ cup Olive oil
¼ part Salt

In a bowl mix all spices, salt and lemons. (excluding the olive oil)

Slice pork shoulder thinly, coat with the olive oil. Then generously rub meat with spice mix. Allow to marinate in fridge overnight.

On a vertical spit (or a horizontal if vertical is not available) slow roast the meat at 300 degrees farhenheit. Shaving meat away as it cooks. Keep a pan underneath to collect juices and remarinate the meat once cooked.

JPL Sous Chef Andrew Whiteside and Chef Andrew
Fairmont JPL Sous Chef Andrew Whiteside and Chef Andrew