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Recap: Swine & Dine at Tzin Wine & Tapas

Sharman - Monday, June 19, 2017

On Tuesday May 30, Tzin Wine & Tapas played host to Edmonton’s latest Swine & Dine. The intimate wine bar on 104th set the table for 36 patrons spread across two seatings; however, the wait list surely would have filled at least another two seatings.

For the event, Chef Corey McGuire created an eight-course dinner featuring Irvings Farm Fresh Alberta Pork from amuse-bouche to dessert.

The evening kicked off with a Smoked bourbon Old Fashioned featuring smoked bourbon, bacon simple syrup, crabapple bitters and topped with a sinfully delicious candied piece of Irvings Farms bacon. The Irvings were on hand to talk to diners at both seatings, explaining that their partnership with Chef McGuire has spanned over eight years, and that his braised bacon dish has certainly led to customers seeking them out at the local farmer’s markets.

The first course of the evening was a Pork Liver Mousse accompanied by a hemp seed cracker and pickled shallots.

If you’ve ever been to Tzin you have seen just how tiny the open kitchen is. On several occasions I have compared it to the size of a food truck – I am always blown away by how much Chef McGuire does with such an intimate space to work with.

Our second course featured a Pork Jowl Croqueta. Sadly, this gluten-free girl couldn’t experience this dish, but I heard from the table the bite was just enough to leave them wanting more (and wishing there were a few more on the plate).

Chef McGuire sourced ingredients from Rob with Effing Seafoods to create two back-to-back surf & turf dishes on his Swine & Dine menu.

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For our third course, Chef McGuire and his team served a Roast Pork Belly.

The Irvings Farm pork belly was served alongside a pork and shrimp bisque and a humpback shrimp salsa; yet another dish that left several at our table wanting more.

Throughout the evening, Tzin’s co-owner Glenn Quinn was on hand to help serve up the eight course Swine & Dine – offering suggestions to pair the menu with the restaurant’s unique wine menu.

Up next, Swine & Diners were treated to a Braised Pork Shoulder Ragout served with steamed clams, peppers & onions, and a cornbread waffle.

It was apparent that it was becoming more and more difficult to pick a favourite dish, as Chef McGuire plated the dishes in a way I felt they were getting better and better with each course.


The photo credit on the next picture goes to Little Miss Andrea. While I know she enjoyed the Grilled Pork Loin served with tater tots, butter cheese and pork gravy, I know she was not-so-secretly hoping Chef McGuire’s braised bacon would show up on the menu.

Our seventh course of the evening, and last savoury dish of the night, was a beautifully presented paella with smoked pork hock, herbed pork sausage and an apple aioli. 

Although not a classic paella one might find in Spain, the two Spaniards at my table enjoyed Chef McGuire’s dish, and we all did our best to score a crunchy bit, also known as the socarrat.

For dessert, Chef McGuire kept things simple with a Bourbon Butter Cake drenched in caramel and topped with bacon – the sweet and savoury dish completing our eight course Swine & Dine menu.

I would like to thank owners Kelsey Danyluk and Glen Quinn as well as Chef McGuire and the rest of the culinary team for hosting our latest Swine & Dine. In the end – I don’t think I could pick a favourite dish; however, I would gladly do it over if Chef McGuire offered the same menu again.

For those who couldn’t make it or score a seat, Chef McGuire always has a selection of dishes featuring Alberta Pork on the menu; just follow his instagram account for a selection of drool-worthy photos. From his legendary Irvings Farm braised bacon to his selection of house-made sausages, pork lovers can always enjoy a bite at Tzin Wine & Tapas.

Tzin Wine & Tapas
10115 104 St NW, Edmonton
(780) 428-8946