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Recap: Swine & Dine at Salz

Sharman - Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, was the inspiration for the latest Swine & Dine at Salz Bratwurst Co. in Edmonton.

While executive chef and Salz partner Allan Suddaby confessed the menu was more Austrian than German, guests at last week’s two-seating Swine & Dine at the bratwurst and beer hall weren’t picky about the geography specifics for the European inspired Alberta-pork packed menu.

The three-course menu for $40 was a sold-out, two-seating event; the optional $10 craft beer pairing from Salz partner Mike Forgie may have had something to do with it.

Chef Suddaby started each of the seatings with Brettljause – which translates to board snacks. Suddaby, who has spent time in Austria, was inspired to share a sampling of food commonly served at Austrian taverns known as Heurigen.
Each board included a cut of house-cured pork shoulder called Schopf, their house pepperoni stick, and my personal favourite of the evening – a minced ham spread called Schmalzfleisch. Chef Suddaby explained that the spread is made with ends of cured meat, which are ground and mixed with pork fat, mustard, and black pepper.
The assortment of meats was complimented with rye bread from Boulangerie Bonjour, Josef cheese made by Winding Road Artisan Cheese, as well as house made gherkins, fresh radishes, dill, and mustard.
Mike pairing the first course with the 4:30pm Stout by Bent Stick Brewing out of Edmonton. He assured everyone that this session stout is the perfect brew to start a meal with and explained that the underlying acidity would help balance the saltiness of the cured pork cuts on our board.
Our main dish was Salz’s version of Sacherwurst, or Sacher Sausage. The menu description of a ‘ridiculously long sausage’ was not an understatement. Chef Suddaby explained how Sacherwurst, a ridiculously long sausage invented at the Hotel Sacher in Vienna, is traditionally served in pairs.
As is customary, our dish was served alongside traditional condiments of mustard and fresh horseradish. Our duo of sausages were served with a beet salad dressed with Styrian pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil. Chef Suddaby shared that the oil, a beautiful forest green with the aroma of roasted nuts, is a very special product from the Austrian province of Styria.
The second beer pairing, a wheat beer with a gentle hop characteristic, was a new taste to many in the room. Mike paired the ridiculously long sausages with a glass of light tasting citrus tasting White Hat Wit by Red Bison Brewery out of Calgary.
For dessert, chef Suddaby shared a simple plum tart. His Obstkuchen, fruit tart, featured a sweet pastry made with leaf lard, cream cheese, a black plum compote, and bacon.
The final pairing of the evening was the Force Majeure IPA by Calgary’s Annex Ale Project. The cloudy and bright IPA is packed with floral, citrus and spearmint. Mike saved this brew for last as it pairs wonderfully with dessert, leaving the palate feeling minty fresh.
Whether Mike and Allan do this Swine & Dine menu again (for those who couldn’t snap up a ticket fast enough), or another S & D menu- I am sure it won’t be their last. Salz is the perfect place to Swine & Dine. A huge thanks to Allan, Mike, and the entire team at Salz for sharing their passion for Alberta Pork and craft Alberta beer with us.
Alberta pork made brats and Alberta craft beers are always on the menu at Salz, so pop in for a bite at this great addition to Edmonton’s Oliver neighbourhood.
Salz Bratwurst Co.
10556 115 St., Edmonton, AB