Passion for Pork

Pork Tenderloin Benedict @ The Makk on 124th

Sharman - Monday, January 21, 2013
Stephen (clearly excited for Sunday Brunch @ The Makk on 124th)

I absolutely adore going for Sunday Brunch, and what better thing for me to do on a freezing cold Sunday morning in Edmonton, than walk 12 blocks in minus 20 to check out one of Edmonton’s hottest new restaurants The Makk on 124.

A redesign of the previous culinary tenant (d’Lish), The Makk is a great space in one of the hippest culinary areas of the city.

I had snuck a peek at the menu prior to going, so I already knew that I wanted the Pork Tenderloin Benedict (gluten free – YAHHH!!!!). When it arrived with was beautiful presentation of Sunday morning pork in all its glory.

I love a classic benny with black forest ham, but I also love seeing pork and different cuts used in alternative ways; the medium rare pork tenderloin was the perfect flavour and texture on a savoury breakfast classic.

Pork Tenderloin Benedict

After I licked my plate clean I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Kasiran Simin, the man in charge of the kitchen at The Makk on 124th, and the rest of his culinary team. Originally from Indonesia, Chef Kasiran spent a significant amount of time in Germany before making his presence known in Edmonton.

The Makk on 124th Culinary Team

I’m very excited to see what Chef Kasiran and The Makk on 124th have in store. The new menu launches soon…. and after a very colourful and exciting conversation… I feel another Swine n Dine coming on. Stay tuned!