Passion for Pork

Pork Paillards At Rouge Bistro in Calgary

Sharman - Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Chef Paul Rogalski giving us the 'official tour' of the new Rouge Bistro

A few weeks back when I ventured south to Calgary. My sister picked me up from the Red Arrow office downtown and we ventured into suburbia in search of a fabulous meal at the newly opened Rouge Bistro located near the new Sirocco C-Train station.

My sister and her husband had already made a visit to Rouge Bistro and she had ranted and raved about every dish from appetizer to dessert, so clearly I was excited for the visit. When we walked in we had the pleasure of seeing Chef Paul Rogalski hanging out near the kitchen.

After getting the low-down on the space, his new chef and a tour, Chef Rogalski explained the new French bistro is serving up loads of Alberta Pork at their new location, with one of the hottest dishes being the pork paillard.

On her earlier visit Shawna was delighted by the chicken paillard, an older French culinary term referring to a quick-cooking, thinly sliced and pounded piece of meat. I learned that Rouge Bistro is the only restaurant in Calgary serving up this historic French dish, which the bistro serves gluten free (Yahhhh!!!) So we (I) decided on a gluten-friendly sharing menu with some two pork dishes.

Shawna & the Pork Paillard

We indulged in the Rosti “Poutine Gateau”, Bacon, a deliciously rich dish which topped a potato pancake oozing with cheese, secret sauce, and the perfect piece of homemade bacon.

Rosti “Poutine Gateau”, Bacon

Next up was the Paillards Grillé, a thinly pounded pork loin topped with candied apples, Brie, pecans, roasted garlic puree, and endive which my sister called a pork pizza without the carbs. I’m so happy that Chef Paul Rogalski introduced to me paillards… it’s a dish that is certainly worth driving back to Calgary for.

Paillard - Pork Loin, Candied Apples, Brie, Pecans, Roasted Garlic Puree, Endive

Oh – and my sister ditched out on the gluten-free shared dinner when it came time for dessert. She is a fan of the Salted Caramel Sticky Bread Pudding and is convinced that even though I am Celiac, it is worth eating gluten for. Thankfully our server brought me a little dish of the salted caramel which was lick-your lips delicious!

Big sister and her Salted Caramel Sticky Bread Pudding

Rouge Bistro
1919 Sirocco Drive SW
Daily 4:00 pm Cocktails and Charcuterie
5:00 pm Full Service