Passion for Pork

Pork on the Patio at Moriarty’s Bistro & Wine Bar

Sharman - Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Lunch on the patio at Moriarty's Bistro

My adventures during pork week continues…


Following my three-restaurant pork crawl the night before, I met my bacon-lovin buddy Kerrie for a little pork on the patio at Moriarty’s Bistro and Wine Bar.


It was a beautiful day for lunch on the patio on Rice Howard Way. When I arrived Chef Cory Welsch was already grilling up a storm on the BBQ out on the patio.

Chef Cory Welsch on the grill

In honour of pork week his lunch feature was a rack of ribs – which I was clearly going to order. Kerrie was sold after one glance at the bacon-topped chicken sandwich coming off the grill.


We were watching Chef Welsch like a hawk, hoping every dish coming off the grill was ours. Finally our plates arrived with copious amounts of meat, meat, meat.


Chef Welsch's rack of ribs

My rack of ribs was a hefty lunchtime portion, paired with generous scoop of potato salad for a little southern comfort on a Friday afternoon.

Bacon topped makes everything taste better

Kerrie’s burger was mile high topped with some pretty tasty looking slices of bacon.

I made sure to save room for dessert – a special treat for pork week.

Cinnamon Maple Bacon Ice Cream

Chef Welsch was inspired by that Sunday morning experience of eating french toast and dipping bacon in maple syrup. The result was cinnamon maple bacon ice cream that so rich and bacon filled it was delicious. I was in a hurry to get back to work so Chef Welsch found a container for me to walk and scoop at the same time.

Cinnamon Maple Bacon Ice Cream to go

I actually ran into Tony Le, executive chef at Lux on my way back to the LRT, shared a bite with him, and he was also impressed. Bacon treats are meant to shared, even with people you sort of know when you run into them on Rice Howard Way.