Passion for Pork

Molly’s Eats Food Truck

Sharman - Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Susan Chin of Molly's Eats Food Truck

Susan Chin is the owner and operator of the Molly’s Eats food truck in Edmonton. I know, it’s confusing, I expected her name to be Molly. Instead, Chin named the truck after her mother Molly who had a long career in the food industry (and who can sometimes be seen helping out on the grill in the truck).


When we first met she answered all of my questions about the food truck business inEdmonton. I was interested to learn how she turned a Canadian Linen truck into the mobile eatery that sets up at farmers markets, festivals and lunch service throughout the city.


And then we started talking about her food. As a travel junkie, I have backpacked my way around the world, eating street treats and local dishes as I’ve hopped from country to country. Susan, a fellow lover of travel, has a running theme of providing little eats from around the world on her ever changing menu. She also has a serious passion for pork, serving up more bacon, sausage and pulled pork than any other protein.


All kitchen interior

Between telling me about her carnita mac melt (slow roasted pork, bacon, mac & cheese served in a grilled cheese sandwich), and serving me a chocolate cookie sandwich (the best gluten free cookie I have ever had), I knew that Susan and I would be friends. She also has a reputation for luring food bloggers to volunteer in her truck. And I was no different.


This past weekend was the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, a four-day music event at Gallagher part where the food stalls are as important at the bands and the beer gardens. I received a ‘help me’ text after work on Friday. I had some time before the first workshop I wanted to check out, and before I knew it, I had spent an hour and a half rolling a mixture of cornmeal, bacon and cheese into little balls to be deep fried…. aka southern friend hush puppies.


Rolling up some bacon hush puppies for the deep fryer

Earlier in the week Susan had been taped for an episode ofEat Street, a show that has everyone thinking food truck life is glamorous and easy. Based on my limited experience helping out in her truck, I can honestly say that working in a food truck is anything but easy. Thankfully Susan rewards my free labour with pork, which means I always leave with a smile on my face.


So, after a quick visit to the truck she sent me off with a generous serving of hush puppies and the picada – a plate full of fries, sweet potato fries and chifles (fried plantain chips), topped with spicy sauced chicken, pork belly, and an Irving Farms sausage. Meat and potatoes never tasted so good.


My pork-filled reward for lending a hand in Molly's Eats

Susan has an ever changing menu of delicious pork dishes from around the world. You can follow Susan and her pork-serving food truck on twitter at Molly’s Eats or come check out her menu this Saturday at the St. Albert Farmer’s Market.