Passion for Pork

June pork burger feature

Admin - Monday, June 4, 2012

The Passion for Pork campaign has a whack of great videos from chefs sharing their favourite pork recipes.

Jim Romer, owner and chef of Romer’s Burger Bar, cooks up a luscious Maple Bacon Pork burger in one feature. It’s seasoned with toasted fennel and maple syrup, paired with a thick slice of maple bacon, then tarted up with apple matchsticks and a drizzle of gorgonzola cheese. Everything is nestled in a brioche bun.

Sounds amazing, right? Well, now you don’t even have to make it yourself. Romer’s is featuring the burger during June at its two locations.

You can actually win a gift certificate to Romer’s by simply entering Passion for Pork’s monthly recipe contest.

Romer’s Burger Bar, 8683 Kerr St., Vancouver, (604) 566-9545; 1873 W. 4th Ave., Vancouver, (604) 732-9545.