Passion for Pork

Mangalitsa Pork Butchery & Charcuterie Workshop Feb 28-29

Sharman - Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Country Accent Mangalista Pork
At our December Swine & Dine at the Harvest Room in the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald, chef Serge Jost featured Country Accent‘s Mangalitsa pork throughout his menu. Often called the Kobe beef of pork, this heritage breed has strikingly long hair and fatty, marbled meat which is ideal for curing.

If you are interested in learning more about the breed (or tasting it), you’re in luck. Malorie Aube of Country Accent located in Bawlf, Alberta is organizing a workshop at Vivo Ristorante with Isabell & Christoph Wiesner, the owners of Arche De Wiskentale, Mangalitza Breeding and processing farm in Austria.

Christoph is also the president of IGWÖ, the Mangalitza Pig breeders Union of Austria. He has been breeding Mangalitza since 1999 and most of the genetic currently present in America comes from their farm.

The two day workshop February 28 -29, 2016, costs $400 and includes a dinner and beverage pairing at Vivo Ristorante, 18352 Lessard Rd, Edmonton. Spots are limited – to book your space email Malorie at

Day 1- How to maximize yield carcass & use Mangalitsa.

Demonstration will include seam butchery, fresh cuts, and what you can do with offals and lard.

Day 2- Charcuterie
Day will include an overview of meat curing around the world, curing & aging technics & methods for whole muscles, sausages, lard.

Not into butchery? No worries. Tickets for to Vivo Ristorante‘s dinner featuring Country Accent’s Mangalista pork created by Chef Michael Hassall on February 28, 2016, are also available. Tickets are 125.00 per person, call 780.756.7710 to reserve your seat. This menu includes beverage pairings:

red and butter leaf lettuce, limoncello vinaigrette, dried fruit, fresh fruit, toasted sunflower seeds

selection of cured meats, mostarde, pickled vegetables, rosemary crackers, crostini

pan seared scallops, mangalitsa lardo, beluga lentils, pink peppercorns

ricotta gnocchi, red wine reduction, mangalitsa ragu, pecorino

Roman-style marinade, roasted beets and carrots, parsnips, sour cherries, mushroom polenta

classic oreo with a selection of gelato