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Maenam’s Pork and Prawn Dumpling with Geng Gati Sauce Recipe

Mijune - Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Recipe by Angus An

Maenam's Pork and Prawn Dumpling with Geng Gati Sauce

Gati sauce  
1 cup of coconut cream  
1 tsp of tamarind water  
1 tbsp of white sugar  
2 tbsp of finish sauce ( may need more, adjust to seasoning)  
Curry Paste*  
2 tbsp of garlic  
3 tbsp of galangal
5 tbsp of chopped lemongrass
2 tbsp of grachai (wild ginger)
0.5 tsp of gapi (shrimp paste)
1 tbsp of yellow turmeric
1 red scud
1 fry dry red scud
1 pack wonton wrapper  
1 whole egg  
Prawn filling  
250g minced prawn meat
18g long beans (diced)
1g lime leaf (julienne)  
pinch white pepper  
15g fish sauce  
9g garlic and chili paste (equal parts of garlic and chilli)  
pinch of sugar  




To make: Gati Sauce

1. In a medium sauce pan, heat up coconut cream over medium to low heat.

2. Infuse curry paste*.

3. Bring to a boil, then let it simmer for 5 minutes.

4. Season with fish sauce, white sugar and tamarind water - adjust seasoning according to preference.

5. Set aside.


To make: Curry Paste

1. Using mortal pestle - pound all the ingredients together until it turns to paste.


To make: Dumpling

1. Mix all ingredients for the filling in a metal bowl using your hands until fully combined.

2. Roll the prawn filling mixture into a ball and start slapping it into the side of the bowl to work the meat and make it elastic.

3. Beat egg (to be used to seal the dumpling).

4. To form dumpling, place 1 tablespoon of filling in the center of the wrapper, using a pastry brush moisten the edges of the wrapper with beaten egg and seal by folding in half and pinching the bottom-right corner closed. Pleat the front edge of the wrapper repeatedly, pinching the edge closed after each pleat until the entire dumpling is sealed.

5. Put dumplings in the steamer until cooked. (2-3 minutes on high, depending on size).

6.  When dumplings are cooked, pour Gati Sauce over it and serve.

7. Option to garnish with Ikura (salmon egg ), lime leaf julience.