PassionforPork_Overview_1b_03Alberta produces some of the best pork in the world. In Japan and dozens of other countries, our pork is preferred because of its high quality and great taste and texture.

We wanted to help celebrate the passion that our pork creates overseas and feed the passion for our pork right here in Alberta where we work to share with you some of our favourite recipes, tips and tricks to making a cut of Alberta Pork into your favourite meal.

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At Alberta Pork we celebrate our producers, as well as the product that they provide.

Our Mission

To serve and represent pork producers to enhance prosperity within their communities

Our Values

To stimulate change to help create growth and a positive outlook for future generations

A commitment from Alberta pork producers.

  • We promise that we produce safe and healthy pork
  • We promise we look after our animals in a safe and humane manner
  • We promise that we produce our pork in an environmentally sustainable way
  • We promise to use no growth hormones in the raising of our animals