Passion for Pork


Admin - Monday, April 2, 2012

tRino Cioffi (left) owns Cioffi’s Meat Market & Deli  (4156 East Hastings, Burnaby, BC) and is a well-known and popular Italian grocer and butcher in East Vancouver. 

tKnown for their quality meats and Italian produce, Cioffi’s carries lots of local meats from Alberta and B.C.

tIn addition to the retail business, Cioffi’s supplies high quality meats and produce to many of Vancouver’s best restaurants.  Rino will be sharing his knowledge with us by explaining the different cuts of pork and how to use them in various dishes. Stayed tuned because Rino will also be featured in our series of videos from chefs showing how to make a real authentic Italian meat ball using pork. The recipe was developed by Mama Cioffi and then passed down through the generations. Momma mia!

tAlso watch for more of Mario Enero (right), the owner of Caramba Restaurante in Whistler, BC who buys pork for the restaurant from Sturgeon Valley Pork in Alberta.
tWe will be bringing you a video of Mario explaining how to grill a capicola steak, which comes from the pork shoulder and is usually sliced thin. It is a very tasty cut of pork, especially when grilled and served with nice fresh vegetables and a summer salad.

tMario moved to Canada from Spain when he gave up bullfighting.  The bulls’ loss was our gain.  Mario has  been involved in the B.C. restaurant industry for over 30 years and his Caramba Restaurante is known for having some of the best food in Whistler (during the 2010 Winter Olympics, NBC Sports took over the entire lunch trade at Caramba’s every day for their sponsors and staff). Mario and his Executive Chef Micah Lloyd, who you can see here serve up some of the best pork dishes in Western Canada. Having come from Spain where they eat pork several times a week, Mario knows how to do it right.