Swine and Dine at RGE RD June 6, 2019

Alberta Pork is excited to announce the next Swine and Dine dinner will be hosted at one of Edmonton’s most celebrated farm-to-fork restaurants. RGE RD owners Caitlin Fulton and chef Blair Lebsack are ready to share their passion for pork with an interactive, multi-part pork experience in the RGE RD Butchery at 6 pm on Thursday June 6, […]

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Recap: Swine and Dine at London Local

London Local played host to the latest Swine and Dine in Edmonton on March 27, 2019, and what I loved most, was that chef Lindsay Porter shared a menu that featured components and dishes that are already on her current menu, or coming soon. So often I hear from people who are sad they missed out […]

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Swine and Dine at London Local March 27, 2019

We are excited to announce that chef Lindsay Porter will be hosting Alberta Pork’s next Swine and Dine dinner at London Local, the British gastropub she co-owns with Evonne Li. Inspired by the last week’s International Women’s Day, we thought it was time to highlight a strong, creative, female chef, as well as female restaurant co-owners, for our […]

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Recap: Swine and Dine at Salz – a second time around

On a very chilly Tuesday, February 12, 2019, Salz Bratwurst Co. co-owners chef Allan Suddaby and Mike Forgie played host to a pre-Valentine’s day Swine and Dine dinner filled with love for Alberta pork. And since Mike was involved, it also included a lineup of passionately paired craft Alberta beer pairings. 1. Brettljause – ‘Board Snacks’ […]

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