Garam Masala Slow Cooker Ribs

I live in an apartment building that does not allow BBQs, so my outdoor rib grilling options are limited. Over the years, I have tried many cooking methods, but my favourite way to cook ribs is likely to make professional chefs and BBQ pit masters alike cringe – I use my slow cooker. I’m not […]

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Potato Chip Pork Schnitzel

While many recipes for pork schnitzel call for tenderloin, but boneless pork chops are an affordable and simple cut to use for this classic breaded and fried mead dish. I personally enjoy the darker meat and are quick to cut the bones from rib and shoulder cuts to make my own cutlets. As a Celiac, […]

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Recipe: Mango Pork Tenderloin Salad

This week my friend Jessica treated me to a summer pork tenderloin recipe that hit all the sweet and savoury high notes I love in a hearty salad. Inspired by a Best of Bridge Island Pork Tenderloin Recipe that her mom made for her earlier in the summer, Jessica adapted the Best of Bridge recipe […]

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Recipe: Arroz al Horno

Arroz al Horno, which translates to baked rice, is a hearty dish from Spain that combines three types of pork – ribs, blood sausage (called morcilla), and bacon. Add in some chickpeas and this dish is sure to make our friends at Alberta Pulse Growers happy. If all ingredients are on hand, this dish is […]

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