Recap: Swine and Dine at Dogwood Cafe

Swine & Dine at Dogwood Cafe (2 of 2)

Chef Stuart Whyte helped give Swine & Dine Edmonton a Latin infusion.  On Wednesday, February 8, 2016, the founder of Original Redhead Condiments served up a five-course Mexican inspired menu featuring Alberta Pork from appetizer to dessert at the Dogwood Cafe in the Victoria Golfcourse. Before the dinner started I popped into the kitchen to say hello to […]

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Recipe: Spicy Braised Pork Mac and Cheese

Braise pork shoulder mac and cheese

Since we’re not quite done with the blustery, bone-chilling portion of winter just yet, one of the things you can look forward to on the dinner table is a delicious bowl of mac and cheese. Whenever I make my mac and cheese at home, I start out with a big portion of a simple cheddar […]

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Swine & Dine – Feb 8, 2017 at Dogwood Cafe at Victoria


Swine & Dine is an Alberta Pork event which challenges chefs with a Passion for Pork to create a menu featuring Alberta pork from appetizer to dessert. For our next Swine & Dine Edmonton, Culina Family‘s chef Stuart Whyte, founder of Original Redhead Condiments and chef at Dogwood Cafe at Riverside, will host over 60 people […]

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Recap: Swine & Dine at The Common

Swine & Dine at The Common (3 of 8)

On Tuesday, January 17, 2017, The Common played host to the first Swine and Dine of 2017. For the third year in a row, Chef Jesse Morrison-Gauthier has enticed diners with an all Alberta Pork menu from appetizer to dessert in January – and always at an incredible holiday hangover price. This year, chef Morrison-Gauthier […]

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