Recipe: Peanut Butter & Bacon Cereal Treats

If your Halloween from days gone by were filled with homemade treats, rather than boxes of individualized candy, you may want to whip up this bacon-packed version of a rice cereal treat in time for a trick-or-treat down memory lane. In addition to the nostalgia of homemade Halloween treats, this simple recipe for peanut butter […]

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Biera’s Berkshire Pork Croquettes with Rhubarb Apple Butter & Pickled Rhubarb

When it comes to the carefully selected ingredients she melds together on the plates at her contemporary restaurant in the Richie neighbourhood of Edmonton, Chef Christine Sanford of Biera is passionate and particular about the Alberta pork she serves. Chef Sanford is eager to introduce her customers to Broek Pork Acres’ pasture-raised Berkrshire, a pure breed known […]

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Bacon Day 2019 at Workshop Eatery September 21

We love consistency, especially when it involves bacon. September 21, 2019 will mark the 10th anniversary of chef Paul Shufelt’s annual Bacon Day Dinner. Over the years the location and menu may have changed, but one thing has remained the same – the opportunity to mass consume all things packed with Alberta pork in support […]

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Recipe: Ham and Cheese Tortilla

Paella is to Spain what poutine is to Canada – a regional dish that has evolved to be famous across the country. But a dish that is certainly more consumed by Spaniards across their country, and perhaps a better representation of a national dish, would be the humble tortilla. A classic Spanish tortilla (spanish omlette) is […]

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