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ACME Meat Market LTD – a vintage butcher experience

Sharman - Friday, August 31, 2012


I stopped by to visit Corey the Butcher one Saturday. In between wrapping up last minute BBQ orders and links of house made sausages, I learned that he is a third generation butcher who is using social media like twitter and facebook to reconnect people with some old-school customer service.


The majority of his pork business has evolved into custom orders for pork shoulder/butts and sausages.  With pulled pork becoming one the most desirable pork dishes on the year, Corey is helping customers understand what exactly they need to make the perfect slow-cooked pulled pork.


When people call to say they need a pork roast, the staff know to ask ‘do you want to make pulled pork?’ and modify to the order to the correct cut.

Corey has recognized a change in the way people are shoping, with an emphasis on farmers markets and buying local. People are ready to buy into the butcher shop, but often don’t know what exactly to buy.

“We offer tips and a personalized service you’re not going to get at bigger grocery stores. It can be intimating walking in here; most of our first time customers don’t know what they want and there may be some cuts of meat they don’t recognize. We’re here to give advice, explain the meat and the cut, and offer suggestions on how to season, flavour and cook it.”


Great pork for you $

In addition to the usual bacon, chops and loin, a major hit with customers with ACME customers are the sausages. Basically every weekend is a sausage party, after the staff spend Thursday mixing up and linking a variety of bratwurst, Italian and greek flavoured sausages. Accommodating the gluten-free needs of people like myself, ACME also makes a gluten free breakfast sausage.


While Albertans may be used to a big slab ofAlbertabeef on the grill, Corey was quick to praise the affordable and versatile pork shoulder steak. He cut a few up for me to take home, explaining that it takes to marinades well, doesn’t dry out as easily as a pork chop, and the marbled fat throughout the shoulder means a pork steak is full of flavour.


For a little piece of the old-school and a great bite of flavour, visit Corey the Butcher and his team. I recommend the pork steaks!


Cutting up my pork shoulder steaks

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