Passion for Pork

A New Year of Eating: 5 Pork Dishes in Calgary to Try in 2013

Dan Clapson - Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We’re already ten days into 2013. So, what have you been eating? You aren’t one of those people that attempt a drastic diet and work out regiment this month, are you? Everything in moderation is always a good life philosophy, so if you’ve been reasonable all year, than no need to torment yourself.

With a new year comes new adventures, challenges and, most importantly, chances to dine out with your friends. Since we love pork, we’ve picked out five great dishes around Calgary that you should make a point of trying out in the next little while. They will not disappoint.


1. ‘The Hammer’ at the Pig and Duke

A giant kielbasa sausage stuffed with guiness cheddar is wrapped up crispy bacon, stuffed in a bun and drizzled with aioli. Not exactly low on the calories, but if you’ve got a hangover after some Friday night shenanigans, this will make you infinitely better bite after bite.

(1312 12 Ave SW,

2. ‘Pork Trio’ at downtownfood

Tender pork loin and belly in an Asian-style barbecue sauce are topped with fried pork rinds and served with a kohlrabi puree and mushrooms. A comforting dinner plate that’s sure to hit the spot on a cold winter’s night (if we have any of those left, hopefully not!).

(628 8 Ave SW,

3. ‘Pork Belly Ramen’ at Anju

There is ramen to be found in this city, and then there is Anju ramen. This giant bowl of rich, spicy goodness is packed with Korean flavour. Kimchi, noodles, braised pork and vegetables sit in a hot broth, finished with a healthy dollop of creme fraiche. I’ve never look at a bowl of ramen the same way again.

(507 10 St SW,

4. ‘Porchetta Benedict’ at Cucina

A list of delicious pork dishes is never complete without a breakfast entry. Try this morning plate at Cucina. Perfectly poached eggs sit atop garlic braised pork belly topped with a rich rosemary hollandaise sauce and pepperonata. Bennys are on almost every brunch menu around town, but this one definitely stands out from the pack.

(515 8th Ave SW,

5. “Pig’s Head Mortadella’ at CHARCUT

Don’t let the title scare you. This charcuterie offering at Calgary’s most meat-centric restaurant is a beautiful start to any dinner. Studded with pistachios and served with grainy Brassica mustard, you’ll be craving more mortadella faster than you can say: “Oh my god, I just ate pig’s head!”

(899 Centre St S,